Adult Autism Evaluation

Adult autism spectrum evaluations provide information related to current (and historical) differences and/or limitations in the areas of social communication/social language abilities, social interaction skills, social masking/compensatory strategies, sensory interests and/or aversions, and behavioral patterns unique to an autism presentation. Learn more.

Consultation Services for Individuals and Families

Who can benefit from EIA consultation services?

  • Individuals and/or family members who are curious about the autism evaluation process and if an evaluation for an autism spectrum disorder is indicated.
  • For family members or individuals curious about “next steps” if an autism diagnosis has already been established. Such consultation can help parents support their child’s evolving needs as they transition into their teenage or young adult years, discussing the potential need for an updated evaluation to learn about emerging new needs, etc.
  • Further understanding an autism diagnosis. Many individuals receive an autism evaluation; however, still feel they have a ways to go in fully understanding what this means for them. Consultation services can connect an individual or their family members with a trained clinician to help answer residual questions and/or to gain further community resources and contacts.

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