Parents face many uncertainties when their child struggles developmentally, socially, or academically.

You may be unsure what your rights are, who can help, how to best collaborate with your child’s school, and what steps you should take to get the services your child needs. In this informational video led by Guiding Bright Minds, you will hear from the Co-founders of Elevated Insights Assessment on the importance of assessment and advocacy.

Dr. Kate Colón discusses the importance of assessments. She touches on the role an assessment plays in understanding your child’s strengths and needs. How it aids in understanding ways to enhance opportunities for optimal growth, development, and learning. How assessments help provide a clearer picture of the concerns to be able to determine the next steps in providing the appropriate services for your child.

Dr. Jennifer Paz Ryan provides strategies on how to advocate for your child. She talks about working with your child’s pediatrician, collaborating with your child’s school, and utilizing the information from the assessment to better support your child.