HCPF URGENT Request for Immediate Action


To Whom It May Concern: We are reaching out on behalf of ourselves and other licensed psychologists in the state of Colorado who specialize in providing comprehensive psychological evaluation services for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). More specifically, we hold strong values for increasing equitable access to underrepresented and marginalized communities and have built our practices [...]

HCPF URGENT Request for Immediate Action2023-03-30T20:51:42-06:00

Colorado Medicaid Public Health Emergency (PHE) is ENDING May 11, 2023


In January 2020, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced a Public Health Emergency in response to COVID-19. Legislation was passed which guaranteed anyone who was actively enrolled in the Health First Colorado Medicaid program could keep their health coverage during the PHE. Many of our families are Colorado Medicaid Members. So, how [...]

Colorado Medicaid Public Health Emergency (PHE) is ENDING May 11, 20232023-03-17T18:34:41-06:00

Assessments, Diagnoses, and Advocacy


Parents face many uncertainties when their child struggles developmentally, socially, or academically. You may be unsure what your rights are, who can help, how to best collaborate with your child’s school, and what steps you should take to get the services your child needs. In this informational video led by Guiding Bright Minds, you will [...]

Assessments, Diagnoses, and Advocacy2022-09-29T15:07:38-06:00

Preparing your neurodivergent teen for adulthood?


Elevated Insights Assessment (EIA) offers psychological assessment services to support neurodivergent youth transition into adulthood! Check out this amazing list of community resources for neurodivergent individuals transitioning to independence. Local Community Resources for Teens and Young Adults Transitioning into Adulthood Social & Life Skills Groups/Individual Programming Peers® Denver Location: Denver, CO Phone: (720) 645-8827 group@peersdenver.com [...]

Preparing your neurodivergent teen for adulthood?2022-09-03T04:17:03-06:00

April is Autism Acceptance Month


It’s Autism Acceptance Month and our team at Elevated Insights Assessment (EIA) works hard to educate, empower, and support individuals with autism and their families, friends, and providers.  Dr. Jennifer Paz Ryan, co-founder of EIA, is a proud board member of the Autism Society of Colorado. Join ASC during the month of April as they partner [...]

April is Autism Acceptance Month2022-04-12T16:57:25-06:00

Dr. Garcia on Instagram LIVE


Perdiste la presentación con Dra. Garcia, de Elevated Insights Assessment, en Instagram LIVE sobre berrinches y pataletas? No te preocupes, ya está preparando para la segunda parte. Manténganse al tanto para la proxima miercoles 20 de abril. Did you miss Elevated Insights Assessment’s postdoctoral candidate Dr. Garcia present on Instagram LIVE on tantrums (berrinches y [...]

Dr. Garcia on Instagram LIVE2022-04-12T16:47:58-06:00

Community Partner Spotlight: Milestone Pediatric Therapy Services


Milestone Therapy Pediatric Services provides pediatric physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy for children across the Denver metro area in clinical and early intervention settings. Founded in 2003 by Terra Scott, Milestone has grown over the years to include a team of occupational, physical and speech therapists who help unique children master milestones while providing compassion toward all families. In [...]

Community Partner Spotlight: Milestone Pediatric Therapy Services2020-01-25T05:03:00-07:00

Social Media/Technology Rules for Parents


We’re always creating and enforcing rules relating to the amount of time our children spend on their (or our) tablets, phones and computers – whether for games, shows or social media – but how often do we, as parents, slow down and realize we’re guilty of breaking our own technology guidelines? Hey Sigmund recently posted [...]

Social Media/Technology Rules for Parents2020-01-25T05:03:53-07:00

We’ve Expanded!


The New Year has brought new changes to Elevated Insights Assessment. We’re excited to announce that our services have expanded and we now offer assessment for young adults. We realize the transition from adolescents to adulthood carries it’s own unique set of challenges, with young people often experiencing increased stress related to planning for their futures while [...]

We’ve Expanded!2020-01-25T05:06:23-07:00
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