Did you know? We’ve been working on an app for the last year that aims to help parents engage more deeply and form a stronger bond with their young children, ages 0-3. Our app, Playfully, provides parents with developmental tips and daily activity ideas that support and encourage their child’s growth. Parents who use Playfully tell us that they have learned valuable tips that help them understand their child better, have appreciated the little things their child does even more after using Playfully, and that it is exactly the kind of app that they had been looking for but couldn’t find previously. The app is available on iOS, and plans are in the works for how to support families on Android.
This project has a special place in our hearts, not only because of the work we perform in our practice, but also because we’ve noticed how valuable our training can be in helping new parents navigate their new role. We’ve always wanted to find ways to make our knowledge more accessible to parents, so when Playfully reached out to us to partner with them, we were excited to jump on the opportunity.
Our hope is that the ideas and tips in Playfully help families have a little more fun together. We also believe we can help parents feel more empowered by providing simple, tailored, actionable, and personalized content. Thank you so much for your support, and we hope you consider downloaded and enjoying Playfully as much as we have.