What to Expect

At Elevated Insights Assessment, you can expect to meet with a developmental expert who will work with you and your child in three phases over the course of the evaluation.

Phase 1:

Intake Session

(1-1.5 hours long)

The first appointment is considered an intake appointment, where your clinician will meet with you and/or your child to obtain a full developmental history and rich understanding of current concerns.

Phase 2:

Direct Testing

(Several Hours Long)

The second phase of the evaluation process involves direct assessment. During this phase, your clinician will use clinical observation, a combination of selected evidence-based tests, and consultation with other providers, (such as teachers, school therapists, physicians, etc. ), to gather additional information related to you or your child’s functioning. You can expect the appointment to be scheduled for one to three testing sessions, depending on the nature of the assessment, with appointments usually lasting several hours.

Phase 3:

Feedback Session

(One Hour Long)

The third and final phase of the testing process includes the feedback session. During this phase, you will meet your clinician and thoroughly review test results. If a formal diagnosis is indicated, your clinician will discuss the implications of the diagnosis and related considerations. During the feedback, your clinician will also make recommendations for moving forward and discuss evidence-based interventions we believe to be useful in increasing success across settings. We believe highlighting cognitive and emotional strengths to be a critical component in helping further guide interventions. At this time, we will also help connect you with services, understand eligibility for accommodations and/or interventions, and secure the best resources for meeting your needs.

Our goal at the time of feedback is simple. We want our clients to leave feeling empowered with a comprehensive understanding of their areas of strength and areas of vulnerability, while feeling hopeful and excited for the future.

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