We’re excited to introduce a new app for iOS called Playfully. Playfully is an app for caregivers that provides daily, simple and fun activities that can be done at home, that also support young children’s growth and development. Elevated Insights Assessment Co-Founders, Kate and Jenn, have been contributing to the development of the content for the last seven months and are excited to see it out in the world. The first version of the app has content for 9-24 month olds; if you have a child in your life or work with families with children within this range, check it out and let us know what you think.

At Playfully, the hope is that the ideas and tips provided help families have a little more fun together, and also help parents feel more empowered, since the ideas are simple, tailored, and actionable. The passion for this project stems from the team’s desire to help new families develop closer and more meaningful bonds. We are excited that with technology, we can help make the knowledge in our field more accessible to a broader audience.
Playfully will be adding content for the entire 0-3 age range over the next couple months. Download today and send us any feedback!