Gifted & Talented


This type of evaluation can help families identify children who may be considered intellectual​ly gifted and talented and/or twice-exceptional (2e).  This assessment can inform academic environments and enrichment programs best suited to the child’s needs. Some children who are gifted may also be considered twice exceptional (2e), where possible concerns in other areas of academic or executive [...]

Child Welfare


When a child enters the child welfare system, he or she has often experienced a number of significant stressors, some of which may include traumatic stress, attachment disruption, and significant emotional and/or behavioral disturbances, which are likely to impact his or her current functioning and worldview. Such life experiences can [...]

Young Adults


We’re excited to announce that our services have expanded and we now offer assessment for young adults. Here at Elevated Insights, we realize that the transition from adolescents to adulthood carries it’s own unique set of challenges. Young people often experience increased stress related to planning for their futures while [...]

Social Emotional/Behavioral


Psychological evaluations are utilized to provide a better understanding of a child’s emotional, social, behavioral functioning, and personality patterns and traits. When a child is struggling to adjust to everyday demands in home, academic, or social environments, a psychological evaluation can often help identify the underlying cause(s) of such concerns. [...]



IQ testing is used to measure one’s overall intellectual ability and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses within a person’s cognitive development. Giftedness Gifted individuals have above-average intelligence and superior talent in specific areas. IQ testing is used to identify individuals with superior intellectual abilities. Although many parents see giftedness [...]



Psychoeducational evaluations examine different areas of functioning and may include cognitive, language, visual motor, memory and learning, attention and socio-emotional functioning as these relate to academic achievement. This type of assessment can be of special interest to teachers and parents wanting to understand the educational potential of their child. For [...]

Autism Spectrum


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a term describing a developmental disorder which involves delays in language and communication skills, impaired social skills, restrictive behaviors, and repetitive behaviors. Parents may want to consider an autism spectrum evaluation if they have noticed any of the following symptoms: lack of social interaction or [...]



Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a term describing a specific developmental disorder which involves deficits in behavioral inhibition, sustained attention, resistance to distraction, and self-regulation. Children with ADHD often have difficulty with behaviors such as completing schoolwork, sitting still, impulsive behaviors, making careless errors, organization, hyperactivity, etc. Psychological testing can [...]

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